Analyzing the future of cities

“The world is moving to cities, fast and for the long term. In a cognitive era, cities themselves are moving: evolving, ever-changing, not fixed on a marked destination. We are at an important point in that evolution, as new forces emerge and combine to create new ways for cities to work.

Social media flourishes in this environment, revolutionizing the way leaders interact with citizens. The data that drives the smarter city must be secure, to safely fuel unhindered progress.

As national governments increasingly focus on national issues, cities must take greater advantage of the most advanced technologies to update service delivery. New business models target the creation of radical new efficiencies for long-standing challenges.

Cognitive computing and its capacity for building citizen engagement introduces fresh opportunities for government organizations to improve citizens’ lives and the business environment, deliver personalized experiences, and optimize program and service outcomes.”


"Design Knowledge Landscapes and Public Policies" is a working version paper by Celso Singo Aramaki